About Brenarsky's


The best BLOODY MARY, CAESAR, CLAMDIGGER and RED BEER (North Dakota Martini) seasoning was born in 1990, shortly after two friends became of legal drinking age. We observed bartenders add a dash of this, and dash of that with attempts of making a good bloody drink. They were good, however just not consistent.

After years of dragging these spices around in individual containers, we decided to start premixing our seasoning in one container. The first batch was so good and each batch after that became better and better. As time went on we found that more and more friends were requesting a bottle of our secret concoction. Not only did they enjoy it in their drinks, but our children began putting in and on a variety of foods. We highly recommend you try it on steaks, burgers, chicken, pizza, seafood and even eggs.

Thus began the mission for two men to finalize their recipe and make it available to every single person that truly enjoys an excellent Bloody Mary, Clamdigger, Caesar, Red Beer or is wanting to add a little spice to their meal.

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